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  1. Avatar Caron Jones says:

    When I started pointe work in the late 60’s there was very little choice in the way of makes and widths in pointe shoes available locally and I ended up with shoes which were too tapered for my foot shape (Giselle). As a consequence my toes were squeezed together and I ended up with ingrown toenails along the inside edge of my big toes. I quickly discovered that if I applied surgical spirit along the affected edge that the skin toughened to a degree that resisted the ingrowing toenail.

    • Avatar Marisa says:

      I remember those days. I’m not sure there was much choice nationally, let alone locally – it was Gamba or Freed and that was that! Porselli existed but wasn’t widely distributed. I think it made us more resourceful and we learned a lot about how pointe shoes were put together.

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