Teacher says yes but parents say no!

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  1. Avatar Jennifer says:

    I agree with the parents and the answer you recieved here. After talking with my daughters dance teacher and doing my own research I found that if you go on pointe too early you can not only cause foot and ankle damage but hip and back problems too. I made my daughter wait until she was in 7th grade and turned 12 before I would let her start pointe. Yes I know the age and the grade don’t match she’s in a grade above for her age. She has been en pointe now for 2 1/2 yrs with no injuries and no problems. Make sure you go to a good fitter preferably someone who was once a dancer themselves for your first fitting. Take your soft shoes with you they will want to look at the wear pattern to see if you are still sickeling your foot in ballet or if you still scrunch your toes this is not a good sign of being ready, But if you are not doing these things and you are developed enough in technique and body then waiting just one more year will be a blessing. You will love your shoes and will not have problems with injury as easily,

    • Avatar Marisa says:

      Great advice, Jennifer. Good point about the wear on the soft shoes, too. Thanks!

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