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Some dancers swear by the Contempora as a performance shoe, because it’s quick to break in and looks good – but that means it’s not a great choice for students, because a faster break-in usually means the shoe dies much...

capezio tendu pointe shoe


Capezio describes their Tendu pointe shoe as being “for the broader toe configuration” (i.e the square or Giselle foot).   They are good for wide feet but note the vamp is low, so they’re strictly for short, square toes. Some people...


The Grishko Fouette has been updated to the “Fouette Pro”, with sound-absorbing PRO technology and a flexible sole.   A “Fouette Proflex” model is also available. Unfortunately for former Fouette wearers, they haven’t just taken the original shoe and added...


The Maya aren’t one of Grishko’s bestsellers, but fans of the Maya rave about them.  They’re Grishko’s lightest weight shoe yet they’re still fairly durable.  Dancers with long second toes seem to adore them.  The range of width fittings is...


If you like the Grishko 2007 pointe shoe but find it too hard to break in, you’ll love the Grishko Proflex.  They’re made on the same last as the 2007 but are more flexible, thanks to a new kind of...

Ulanova I

The Grishko Ulanova I pointe shoe gives a nice leg-line to dancers with moderately high arches. Somewhat tapered box best for Grecian feet.  Medium vamp.  Roll-through shank. The biggest complaint about these shoes is that the shank squeaks.  If you...


Grishko’s Vaganova pointe shoe is 100% hand-made (no machine stitching). Especially suitable for narrow feet with high, flexible arches. The V-shaped high vamp is supportive for long toes.  No drawstring.  

En L’Air

En L’Air

Prima Soft’s “En L’Air” pointe shoe has a full shank and long vamp.  Recommended for Grecian feet with a medium profile.   This model is particularly good for those with low arches.

Classic Pro

Freed®’s “Classic Professional” pointe shoe features a pitched platform for optimal placement. Other features include a flexible demi-pointe, elastic drawstring, and stronger box made from biodegradable material for long life. 3/4 shank. Long vamp, recommended for Grecian feet with a...

Gamba 93

Gamba 93

Gamba is now owned by Repetto.  It appears that Repetto may be downgrading its pointe shoe business, as Gamba isn’t even mentioned on its website and it now has only two Repetto pointe shoe models.  Gamba shoes can still be...

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