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The Prima Soft Silhouette is designed for a medium profile Greek foot.    The deep V-shaped vamp makes this a good shoe for high arches/high insteps as the steeply rising sides help prevent “overflow”. Medium graduated shank.


The Sapfir has a pleatless platform.  Dancers with low arches will appreciate the way the flexible shank hugs their arch and allows them to get over the box. This shoe is less tapered at the heel than some Russian models,...

B Morph

Bloch’s B Morph pointe shoe is designed for advanced students and dance professionals. It has a virtually unbreakable plastic insole, and Bloch’s fabulous thermal paste.  Breaking-in is as simple as softening the box with a hairdryer, and walking around the...


The Jetstream has an exclusive feature – an EVA cushioned box, which molds to the foot. No more ouch pouches or lambswool! Good for short/average toes with a wide platform.


Bloch’s Serenade pointe shoe has a strong shank and long vamp to prevent dancers with flexible feet and/or swayback legs falling over the box en pointe.  The wider platform is also good for dancers who are inclined to sickle.  It works...


The Bloch Serene pointe shoe is the Serenade with a ‘V’ shaped vamp.    Which one you choose is purely a matter of looks – many dancers think the V shape vamp is more flattering to the foot.  Otherwise, the shoes...


The Sonata pointe shoe features an amazing new TMT process which allows you to form the shoe to your foot without breaking it in.  Sounds incredible, but true! It’s a heat-activated system – you heat the shoe with a hairdryer...


Harmonie’s first pointe shoe is the Melody, which is suited to a Giselle (square) foot.  It has a medium-strength 3/4 shank and a long vamp.  Features Harmonie’s “silent technology”.  


Capezio’s Aria pointe shoes have a “So Suede®” lining to prevent moisture absorption, to reduce odor and extend the life of the shoe. These shoes suit wide, square toes. If you used to wear the discontinued Plie 1 model, these...

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