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Best Pointe Shoes for Beginners

Rebecca asks: What is the best brand for my first pair of pointe shoes? I am not going to buy from your website for my first pair but would like to know which brand is best for beginners? Answer: This...

Amelie Soft

Bloch Amelie pointe shoes are an introductory pointe shoe, designed to support the feet for students new to pointe work. They’re best for medium profile Grecian (somewhat tapered) feet, but Bloch claims they are suitable for most foot configurations.  The...


Bloch®’s Aspiration pointe shoe is built for students, although many dancers who started out with Aspirations are still happily wearing them. This shoe features a harder, more supportive box that assists the beginner. Its full shank is designed to flex...


Bloch’s Sylphide pointe shoe is intended for beginners en pointe.  It has a rounder toe shape to help the dancer roll up on to pointe.


Mirella’s Academie pointe shoe is designed for the beginner, with a harder shank to provide resistance (to strengthen the foot) and a higher vamp and sides to keep the foot in position. The very flat sole makes it much easier...

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