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Bloch’s Axiom pointe shoes are a tapered shoe.  Dancers with narrow, low profile Greek or Egyptian feet seem to love them.   It has lower sides and angled seams which enhance the look of the foot. Note:  this shoe’s “regular” shank...


Harmonie’s first pointe shoe is the Melody, which is suited to a Giselle (square) foot.  It has a medium-strength 3/4 shank and a long vamp.  Features Harmonie’s “silent technology”.  


Capezio’s Bella pointe shoe has a tapered box and a 3/4 shank.    It’s designed for medium to wide Egyptian or Greek feet.  The drawstrings are elasticated.  The medium vamp is 1/4 inch shorter than the Glisse.  


Everybody loves Grishko’s 2007 pointe shoes! Grishko claim this shoe is suitable for all kinds of feet, and the range of users certainly seem to support that view.  It is tapered, though, so I doubt dancers with square toes would...

Classic Pro

Freed®’s “Classic Professional” pointe shoe features a pitched platform for optimal placement. Other features include a flexible demi-pointe, elastic drawstring, and stronger box made from biodegradable material for long life. 3/4 shank. Long vamp, recommended for Grecian feet with a...

Gamba 97

The Gamba G97 features flexible wings for a smoother transition and a flat outer sole edge to prevent rocking. Medium to high vamp, flat box, wide platform for better balance and 2 different blunt cut 3/4 shank strengths.  Best for somewhat...

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