Alternatives to Suffolk Spotlight?

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  1. Caron Jones says:

    Another pointe shoe that might work for you is Sansha Legende. It has a strong three quarter shank and a split/articulated outer sole. It comes in a narrow fit and this model comes up narrow anyway. I have worn other Sansha models myself and found them to be quite durable.

    • Marisa says:

      I have to confess I have avoided Sansha after being disappointed n their flamenco shoe. I should get over my prejudice!

  2. Caron Jones says:

    Have you considered Gaynor Minden box 2 in a narrow fit (Sleek fits may be appropriate for you with their narrow cut heel shape). I have cut their shanks down to three quarters before now. The box is obviously a lot more durable.
    Grishko make their boxes pretty sturdy, too. Vaganova is most suited to your foot type and narrow fittings are available as stock shoes. You could order the shank you want as an SMU or simply cut it down yourself or detach the shank at the heel by removing the tack.
    Capezio Pavlowa is another one to try but again the shank is a standard length.

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