Starting Again after a Break

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  1. Avatar Marisa says:

    There are a few reasons why you shouldn’t practice on carpet.

    First, the carpet can wear out the toes.

    Second, carpet has some “give”, especially if it has underlay, so you’re no longer standing on a firm, even surface – so you’re more likely to sickle or lose your balance.

    You shouldn’t think about moving your back in an arabesque – if you do, you’ll probably break the line by leaning forward too much. Think about lifting the leg without dropping your head, and your back will move naturally.

  2. Avatar Love2dance says:

    hi marisa

    sorry to bother you again just a a few questions…

    why aren’t you allowed pointe shoes on carpet because my friend thinks it’s alright when I told her you arent.

    Also a quick question about arabesques.. are you allowed to bend your back forward or does your back stay in the same position???

  3. Avatar Love2dance says:

    thanks marisa

    tonight I am starting at a new dance school and I hope to be on pointe this time next time next year!!!! thanks a lot =)

  4. Avatar Love2dance says:

    Thanks Marisa!!

    Would you recommend demi pointe shoes (soft toe)

    or just basic ballet shoes??

    • Avatar Marisa says:

      @love2dance, personally I think basic ballet shoes are perfectly adequate. There are many highly respected ballet schools which don’t use demi pointe shoes at all, ever! It’s a nice feeling to have demi pointe shoes, because it feels like you’ve taken a step towards getting en pointe – but they don’t really add much to your training, if you’re doing all the right foot exercises anyway.

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