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  1. I am in a very unique position to review the Siberian Swan. I fit both the Siberian Swan Karsavina and the Pavlova in my store and I also have the opportunity teach dancers who wear these pointe shoes in my studio. So since May 2017, I have had the chance to really watch this pointe shoe in action and see how it reacts to different levels of dancers from the beginner to my budding professional dancer. I have watched this shoe’s capabilities in classes, rehearsals and on stage from corps de ballet work to pas de deux and variations. This is a pointe shoe that really needs to be recognized as an elegant, sleek, well made pointe shoe that needs to be danced in.
    As mentioned above the shanks are plastic yet the box is made of conventional pointe shoe box materials. The shanks come in three different strengths, all extremely durable. While the box is crafted with conventional materials, it is also extremely durable with extra epoxy inside the platform. The box of this shoe is beautiful. I have noticed little to no breakdown as the shoe is worn. Perhaps the days of adding shelac, floor polish and pointe shoe glue are over with the Siberian Swan.
    A little more about the shank and it’s design: the shank is created to break right underneath the dancer’s heel creating an incredible level of support for the dancer’s feet at the metatarsal, relieving pressure on the toes and allowing the toes to be straight up and down in the shoe. All of this plastic and extra support doesn’t take away from the shoe’s articulation with the demi pointe. Right out of the package, this shoe is designed to be ready to go with minimal heating up from the dancer’s foot. Just walk around a bit, releve a bit and the shoe is ready for you!
    Combine the arch support with the pitch the box offers the dancer and you have a beautiful, elegant line that allows the dancer to find the platform offering a beautiful balance while en pointe. The lateral support along with the metatarsal support is incredible. The stability this shoe offers is incredible!
    An additional feature to the Siberian Swan shank that cannot be overlooked is the stability the dancer feels while standing flat (think about those long adagio combinations with promenade after promenade ..). Siberian Swan has managed to make this long-lasting, durable shank allow the dancer to feel closer to the floor while standing flat! No longer does the dancer feel the “wobble” that other conventional shanks offer. This is a benefit that I have yet to find in another pointe shoe.
    Comfort .. let’s talk comfort. The shoe is light in weight and is quiet when the shoe is jumped in. Siberian Swan has added a layer of foam just underneath the outer layer of material to the platform which dampens the sound of a traditional pointe shoe on stage. I love how they have added extra fabric to the inside of the shank to make a more comfortable and safer landing for the dancer!
    The most recent release of the Siberian Swan has given dancers a sleeker profile so the look of the shoe is even more elegant. Add to that, the matte finish which blends in beautifully to the dancer’s tights, color matched ribbons and elastic which are included in the shoe’s price and you have a gorgeous shoe, made with professional dancers’ input from start to finish. These shoes are made in Russia with solid input from the dancers of the Russian State Ballet of Siberia. The shoe is the first choice for the ballerinas who dance in this company.
    Dancers, students and teachers: Find out more about this shoe and it’s benefits to you / your students. This a beautiful shoe and the company is truly dedicated to the creation of a pointe shoe that is of the highest quality available.
    Should you choose to reply or comment in this thread, please be sure to be positive and kind. If you want to comment privately, please do so at or visit the company’s website at

    • Marisa says:

      Thank you for your comment. Being in Australia, I haven’t had the chance to see these shoes yet but I was interested to read this review

      • Marisa,
        I’m very proud to comment on this shoe!
        I hope you will eventually be able to get to see the Siberian Swan pointe shoes! I have read the review at the link you shared and really enjoyed the original post. Naturally, there is a certain curiosity when a new pointe shoe comes out of Russia. Of all the places that manufacture a pointe shoe, I believe I may lean toward a Russian model myself (although I probably shouldn’t say that out loud as a store owner). As a dancer back in the day, I was elated when Grishko hit the United States .. I wore them for years! When Russian Pointe came out, I had a huge fitting arranged for my students at the closest place I could find! Certainly they are both huge players on the pointe shoe market and a high quality product. So is the Siberian Swan.
        I just hope that the air of curiosity continues to peak with the Siberian Swan because this shoe offers something different for dancers. It is a high quality product that continues to evolve with the dancers who are wearing it. Alex Kedrov takes great care in monitoring the effectiveness of the shoe and is constantly working to enhance the shoe’s dependability and performance quality. As a pointe shoe fitter, teacher and artistic director, that means everything to me.
        Thanks for reading, Marisa! I cannot wait to see this shoe on more dancers!

  2. Pamela Moore says:

    Wore the first pair a year ago and was very impressed. Offered suggestions to make it even better……some of my ideas worked very nicely. The final shoe is nearly perfect and what is not perfect can easily be made perfect by The dancer. As more dancers try the Siberian Swan they will never go back to their previous brand. The shoes are designed to work with your feet and respond as easily as ballet shoes.

    Needless to say, I love them.

    • Marisa says:

      Isn’t it wonderful when we finally find the right shoe for our feet? 🙂

    • Ms. Moore,
      I absolutely agree. The shoe is as close to perfect as a pointe shoe can get! I have worked closely with my students and other customers (I also fit pointe shoes for a couple of schools in my store) to ensure a complete understanding of how and where to sew the ribbons and elastics for optimal placement on the Siberian Swan. It takes no extra effort at all … only a little knowledge. Every shoe on the market has a specific place to sew ribbons and elastics (along with dancer preference, of course) so a little experimentation has gone a long way for my students.
      The shank in its newest version has responded beautifully to my students’ feet and we find it to be even more durable than the Siberian Swan’s previous version.
      Alex Kedrov is so dedicated to ongoing developments of this shoe. It’s amazing to find a pointe shoe that works with your feet and a company that cares about the dancers wearing their shoes!
      My students won’t go back to their previous brands. They are thrilled to be on the edge of the development of what I think is one of the most innovative, elegant pointe shoes on the market right now. Their parents are thrilled to not be buying new pointe shoes every month too!!

  3. Erin says:

    As an older dancer with arthritis in my left big toe, I can happily say I really like these pointe shoes. They are super comfortable for my beat up feat through my years of dancing, as well as not having to go through that break-in process for a film project or performance I may have coming up. I like to be ready in case there is a last minute phone call for a gig. I have the Pavlova model and my feet are very tapered. I really enjoy how quiet and again, how comfortable these pointe shoes are because my feet do not fit properly in Gaynor Mindens, I am in between box sizes and will not spend anymore money on customizations. Even though they were very comfortable for my feet as well as shock absorbent, they just aren’t right for my feet. I have been saddened by that. I have been using BLOCH Axioms for the past few years and they seemed to be the best fit for me in the meantime. When Alex contacted me from Siberian Swan, it was a blessing. I received a pair of shoes, after going back and forth with sizing a bit. But now I can still feel the floor, not have pain, and though I realize they will probably break down much faster, they give me the correct amount of support and flexibility. They compliment my feet very well and I feel very aligned in them. To me, they are the next best thing to Gaynor Mindens. I am just at that point in my life where I don’t want to go through the break in process anymore (as it is very distressing on my arthritic toe going) and just need a shoe that is comfortable, and performance-ready. I love how much easier it is to articulate my foot, really feel the floor, be able to jump better, and do certain movements without worrying about the shoes.

    I do have a couple of suggestions for the company. One would be to make a definite difference between the matte and satin finish of the pointe shoes. I can barely tell the finishes apart from each other right now. I also think they should make the shanks available in Hard, since I believe these shoes are going to break down very fast (I have them in Medium). I would hope to see these shoes in more dance stores, since it’s a budding pointe shoe company, and nothing can replace the proper in-person pointe shoe fitting. I look forward to seeing Siberian Swan climb up in popularity and join in the competition among the bigger names of the pointe shoe world.

    • Marisa says:

      Thanks for such a detailed reply, Erin! It sounds as though, in their current design, they may break down a little too fast to be suitable for students, but they could be ideal as a performance/professional shoe.

      • Erin says:

        Hi Marisa! As a professional who needs them performance-ready yes I do find them to be an ideal shoe for me. I may be wrong about them breaking down quickly, since they are made very similar to Gaynor Mindens (they also have the special plastic inside the box), and I would suggest beginning dance students try them out as well. Everyone has different needs and I think this new company may really be onto something great for dancers of all ages and levels. All I can say is my feet really love these pointe shoes 🙂

      • Marisa,
        I am actually finding this shoe to be a very durable shoe for my students as well as my customers from other schools. Certainly for the professional dancer, the shoe is incredible! They were (and still are) being developed by professional dancers for the dancer. The dancers of the Russian State Ballet of Siberia have really had a tremendous amount of input into the creation of the shoe as they are almost exclusive to this shoe (I am fairly certain about this statement .. may not quote me on that). From what I’ve experienced, I’ll use my most advanced students who have been wearing this shoe for a year now. There is a mix of Pavlova and Karsavina in my school along with a mix of hard and medium shanks. Since I fit them as well, I am seeing about 3 months or more in a pair of shoes .. especially the newest release (early 2018). These are students who are en pointe for classes and rehearsals .. spending up to (and in some cases more) 10 hours each week en pointe. This includes pointe classes, pas de deux class (and rehearsals) along with rehearsal for corps de ballet and variations. Granted these are high school students but I still find the durability of this shoe to be at least three months compared to a month to six weeks in a more conventional shoe. The breakdown of the shank has dramatically improved with this newest release and the box is nearly indestructible. The Gaynor Minden’s breakdown is so much different with the entire shoe being plastic .. when that satin comes away from the platform, it exposes that material causing the shoe to be extremely slippery .. dangerously so, in my opinion. The Siberian Swan fabric does eventually wear down (as it does on all pointe shoes) but there isn’t that slickness since the box is conventionally built.
        I have thoroughly enjoyed watching the progression of this shoe.
        Thanks for reading,

  4. Kris says:

    I recently bought a pair for my daughter, she loves them. We did have to do an exchange for size through the mail but it was no problem at all. It was easy to do and free for me. My daughter loves the way they look and she thought they were comfortable right out of the box. They’re also held up really well through her summer intensive. They still looked nice at the final performance.

    • Kris,
      Thank you for this post! I hope your daughter continues to wear Siberian Swan! The more I fit the shoe, the more I hear about how comfortable the shoe is!
      The durability is incredible too! So much support throughout and quiet!!
      Missy, Tickle Pink Performance Wear, Virginia

  5. Christa says:

    Well, this did not go as well as I had hoped. Instead of a custom pair, Alex said she should fit into a pair they already had. With reservations, I said ok. The shoes arrived and were the wrong size, and the “matte” instead of satin (we had expressly ordered satin). Vamp was too short and shank not nearly hard enough. It’s always hard to order without trying them; I’m mostly disappointed because they offer custom, and our request was not heeded. Hopefully they will be able to work out the kinks and become more widely available. It is a pretty shoe, just not the one for my daughter.

    • Marisa says:

      That’s disappointing, especially as you’re really none the wiser whether a custom shoe would’ve worked.

  6. Christa says:

    I’ve been back and forth with the company; Alex (the owner) responds very quickly to emails. We sent my daughter’s measurements and he said that one of the models (the Karsavina) should fit her. As is always our problem, she needs a hard shank and they are not in stock. He said they will be available in July; we will review them then!

  7. Christa says:

    We are in the process of ordering a custom pair. We will let you know how it goes!

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