Shoes for Advanced Dancer, Medium Egyptian Feet

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  1. Michelle Letulle says:

    My daughter (age 13) was just fitted for her 2nd pair of shoes. Her first pair was Russian Pointe I don’t remember specifics, but she was told that the reason she could not get up on her left box was because of the type of shoe. She went with this information to get fitted for the next pair and failed to let them know that she was still a beginner. They fitted her for the Bloch European Stretch which she loves, but being a split sole she is not advanced enough to again get up on her box. She has developed a rolling of her left foot habit and tendon pain. I have just asked her instructor who indicated that she has the wrong shoes. What other shoes should she try? Purchasing them online would be better for me at this point since the 2 fittings didn’t help my pocketbook or her improve any.
    She wears street size 8.5, she is 5’5″ about 135, has a narrow heel, Egyptian wide toes from appearances and current shoes are Bloch S0172 7 x

    • Marisa says:

      I’m not convinced the split sole is the problem, but if the Bloch European Stretch fits her nicely otherwise, then the obvious next shoe to try is the Bloch Balance European, which is made on the same last. Sizing should be the same. However I’m a little worried by the fact that it’s her left foot giving problems both times. Could you approach her instructor again, while your daughter has her shoes on, to point out where the problem is?

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