Split Sole

2 Responses

  1. Marisa says:

    Hi Annelise,

    Leo’s regard these as performance shoes, not for class, because they’re designed to break in fast – which means they also die fast!

    Leo’s uses American street shoe sizes – a UK 7 is a US size 9.
    That’s a size 40 European size. So you want to look for a size 40C.

    I can see some that size on the eBay listings (above) right now, so check those out!

    Also, if you click on the large image at the top of the page, it will take you to Discount Dance Supply. You’ll need to click on their header to go to the front page, change yourself to a US user and then you’ll be able to order – but do check the postage, it may be too high to be practical.

  2. Annelise Johnson says:

    I have a pair of these shoes and absolutely adore them, however I’ve had them far to long; they are now soft and need replacing. The stockist I used before no longer sells them and I’m struggling to find a pair. I’m a uk7 and it says 9C on the bottom. Any help finding a pair would be really appriciated

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