How to Sew Gaynor Mindens

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  1. Avatar Maria says:

    Hi there! My name’s Maria, and I’m the Marketing Manager for Gaynor Minden. Our shoes ARE tougher to sew (I have to sew them all for our photoshoots, so I am very familiar with this!) but I’ve actually found two things that make it easier! First off: Using a thin needle. I realize this is completely counter-intuitive, but honestly I use the thinnest needle from one of those giant packs of needles that I can get my thread/floss through. I used to use the Stitch Kit needles (from Bunheads) which would give me blisters, but the thicker the needle the harder it was to push it through! I could get through sewing at least one or two pairs without needing to use a thimble 🙂

    Secondly: If you’re up for it, try our Luxe Satin. It’s still combined with the inner lining like our regular satin, but it’s plusher and also MUCH easier to sew than the regular satin. It does cost a little more (extra $5), so that might be a barrier for some, but it’s worth mentioning. Plus it pulls up to the foot really well and helps to smooth out any wrinkles you might have on the heel!

    Love your blog, thanks for all you do!

    • Avatar Marisa says:

      Wow Maria, thanks so much for that response! I hadn’t thought of a thinner needle because I’m so used to using a stronger, thicker thread on traditional shoes.

  1. Thu

    […] is a very challenging problem! As I explained in my post on how to sew Gaynor Mindens, these are very tough shoes.  That's a good thing in one way, but a pest when you're trying to sew […]

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