How to Dye Pointe Shoes

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  1. Avatar Charlene Osborne says:

    This is probably a really stupid question, but I dyed my gaynor mindens blue for a variation I was doing for this pointe workshop I went to over the summer. I just used normal blue paint ink and I’m wondering. Is there a way to like undo it. It’s more ink than dye and I’m not sure if it’ll come off as they were the GM luxe and they were the only shoes I had at the time.

    • Avatar Marisa says:

      No I’m sorry, there’s no way to undo it. You could try a color remover but it will never take out all the color and you’d be left with a muddy-looking mess!

  2. Avatar Laura Horton says:

    I am doing a dance show and need to change the colour of my pointe shoes to green, but i only bought them last year and dont want to permanently change the colour. Is there any ideas you could recommend? I thought about putting green tights over but dont want them to become slippery, Thank you.

    • Avatar Marisa says:

      That’s a tough one, Laura. Putting green tights over them is really the only thing you can do. You could try darning the section of your tights which will be over the platforms of the shoes – maybe even darn them TO the platforms so they can’t slide around.

      However it’s not a problem professional dancers ever have to worry about because their pointe shoes don’t last long anyway. So I haven’t come across any solutions to this problem before.

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