How Gaynor Mindens are different!

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  1. Avatar nadia says:

    i’ve always wanted to try out gaynors, but i go to a strange ballet school, where we dance with different teachers. my everyday teacher has no problem with them, even recomended them to me when i was having difficulties finding the grishkos in my size (5.5 5X with an H shank), but the older less modern teacher will throw a fit if i dance in them, but then again, i can wear different shoes for different classed.
    i have extremely high arches, and very strong feet, i managed to break in a pair of grishkos in a day, and pretty wide feet too. could i actually go for Gaynors? of is it not recommended?

    • Avatar Thea says:

      Nadia, that older teacher needs to get into the 21st century! When Gaynors first came out, a lot of teachers were really prejudiced against them, saying they were “cheating”. But now major companies like the Royal Ballet are adopting them as their principal shoe, I think we all have to agree they’re a perfectly good pointe shoe. For someone like yourself with “shoe-breaking” feet, they can be a good solution if they suit you.

      One thing to watch – the reason they’re called “cheaters” is that you need a softer shank in Gaynors than your normal shoe. If you get your usual strength shank, the shoe will make you “spring” up on pointe with no effort. Sounds nice, but it means you’re not rolling through demi-pointe properly and not using the right muscles. A properly trained Gaynor Minden fitter will know that, but it’s a common mistake. It’s one reason you really need to get these fitted by an expert if you’re going to try them.

  2. Avatar Plus Size Dancewear says:

    I hate having sore feet – its the worst aspect of dancing IMHO! If I was a ballet dancer I would be onto these in a second – pain makes me dance far worse than I do normally! Lis

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