Freed Pointe Shoes

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  1. Sandra Blyth says:

    My daughter had her pointe shoes fitted 4 weeks ago and we bought Freed as they had a good reputation, however, they are already unwearable as the pointe end has collapsed completely leaving no support at the end of her toes and caused her excruciating pain during her performances with the EYB. Not one other girl in the cast had this problem and non of them had Freed shoes, so I am afraid I am not impressed and my daughter is bitterly disappointed as she was unable to complete her performance on pointe

    • Marisa says:

      I am so sorry to hear that. Freed shoes have a great reputation for lightness and ease of breaking-in, which are important advantages for professionals. The price of those advantages is that the shoes do not last as long as some other makes. The store should have advised you on using Jet Glue to strengthen the toes after the first class, and making sure the shoes dry out thoroughly between each wear.

      I would advise you to choose the make of shoe based on how well they fit, not on reputation. There are no bad makes of pointe shoe, really – each maker has their pros and cons. What matters is how well they fit.

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