Flyte Pointe Shoes

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  1. Avatar Asha says:

    Hello!! I am a professional dancer in NYC and I would love to order a pair to try. I have sent emails but have not heard back yet. This looks like an amazing shoe!!

    • Avatar Marisa says:

      I’ve been trying to get more information on them as well but they seem to be permanently stuck in experimental mode, unfortunately.

  2. Avatar Marisa says:

    I haven’t heard anything further for a while. Let me make some enquiries and I’ll see what I can find out.

  3. Avatar Marisa says:

    Hello, I am a ballet dancer and I also use Suffolks. Where can I get a pair of flytes? I’ve looked at their website and done a lot of research on them, but I can’t seem to find anywhere to actually buy them.

  4. Avatar SR says:

    Any idea if/when this shoe will be available in US retail outlets?

  5. Avatar Matt Wyon says:

    Dear all – just a quick update o the Flyte Pointe Shoe – it has been undergoing its final trials and alterations and will be available in 5-6 outlets in the UK this summer. We have improved the lateral stability as well as the support in the vamp and feel of the floor. The shoe has been trialled by vocational and professional dancers and we feel we are now happy with the final product though it has taken 4 years longer than we initially thought – please go to the website and we will keep you up-to-date with when the shoe will be available to purchase – it will never be available on the internet as it needs to be fitted properly by a trained fitter
    Matt Wyon – designer

  6. Avatar Abi says:

    Hi, I’ve actually got a pair on their way to me for a try out. I’m a ballet dancer and I currently use Suffolks. I tried out Blochs before and hated them! Howecer, as I want colour pointes for different shows I felt it best to try out the Flytes as Grishkos just aren’t right on my feet. I’ll let you know what I think of them and put a video on you tube if the producers allow me too 🙂 I have high hopes for the shoes and I don’t think they will let me down! x

    • Avatar Thea says:

      That’s great, Abi – I hope they work for your feet! Let me know if you get the video up on Youtube and I’ll feature it here too.

    • Avatar Kelly says:

      How much did you pay for them.I would love to get just an idea what they will be. Thanks!

      • Avatar Marisa says:

        I just had an update from Abi and the shoes never arrived. They were a trial pair so I don’t think she had paid for them.

  7. Avatar simon says:

    Hi, i am not a dancer but have had access to this shoe just last week. I’m an animation student at wolves uni (where the shoe was developed by proffessor matt). i stumbled across your site in my research and can tell you the shoe is really awesome, the creators are aware how crap their site is so that’s why it about to be completely changed. i’m told that the guy who did the animation above had never even seen the real shoe but he was close to the final product. it looks exactly like a normal ballet shoe on a foot. it will feed your comments back to matt and hopefully all ballet dancers can benefit from this innovation.

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