Exercises for Pointe – Turnout

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  1. Avatar Michelle says:

    I want to budet for a reformer. I was in Ballet for 6 years, 3 on pointe. I was the bird in Peter and the Wolfe. I also did gymnastics the same 6 years. I remember specifically one that had wood legs, low to the ground, and a wood platform with optional cushion. I liked it without the cushion. It had spinal setting markings on the side. The feet were wood blocks and i think optional straps. And there was an optional rebounder which I also didn’t use. I can’t find it in my searches. I have a broken rib so the details are specific and imperative. Do you know where I can get one. Where I can save for it and purchase it.

    • Avatar Marisa says:

      Michelle, you don’t say what country you live in. If you let me know, that could help me track one down. The reformer is the perfect solution to maintain your dance fitness while you recover.

      Personally, in your situation I would buy a standard home version, which will be MUCH cheaper, and still perfectly useable with a broken rib. If you go to the Stamina Products website, they will advise which of their Aeropilates reformers would be best for you.

      Otherwise, your description sounds like a professional bed which is likely to cost you upwards of $4,000.

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