Ideas for Pointe Shoes for these feet?

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  1. Avatar Caron Jones says:

    I think Grishko’s Vaganova in the Pro-flex version would be worth a try. The Pro-flex is more pliant than the original. XX=Narrow and X=Extra Narrow. The tapered toe and small platform are ideal for a longer big toe and/or long second toe, the vamp is longer which is better for long toes. I find as a size guide wearers tend to have the same size as UK street shoe size. Go for the medium shank this will provide good support without being too rigid. If your daughter finds she wants greater flexibility she could remove the seat pin (3rd nail/heel tack) to make the shoe bend high up and conform to her arch.
    Ordering by mail isn’t ideal for pointe shoes but a foot pattern or template might help if the supplier knows how to make use of it properly.

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