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If you have a wide foot, you’ll love Capezio’s Ava.  It comes in several width fittings, but even the “narrow” fitting is noticeably wider than usual.   It’s a very square shoe which Giselle feet should enjoy. The platform is flat,...

prima soft royale pointe


Prima Soft’s Royale model has a long vamp with a deep V-shape.  It suits a Giselle foot and is one of the lowest profile shoes around.  Medium graduated shank.


Russian Pointe’s Muse model has an extra-wide square box, ideal for Giselle feet.  In fact this is a square shoe in general, as the platform is also square with quite sharp edges, which makes rolling up to pointe feel a...


Russian Pointe’s Brava and Rubin models are without doubt their most popular shoes. The Brava’s wide platform make it an obvious choice for Giselle feet, but Russian Pointe claim it can work well for all dancers who have a wider...


The Rubin has been around a long time and for good reason – it’s a lovely shoe for low profile Giselle feet.    Russian Pointe claim they are suitable for wider feet of all types.


The Lumina model is ideal if you have “square” feet – and by that I don’t mean just square toes, but feet which don’t taper back to a narrower heel. Unlike some “square” shoes, these have a flattering line and...


Bloch®’s Aspiration pointe shoe is built for students, although many dancers who started out with Aspirations are still happily wearing them. This shoe features a harder, more supportive box that assists the beginner. Its full shank is designed to flex...

Pointe Til You Drop

Balance European

Bloch’s Balance European pointe shoes aren’t for everyone.   Some students complain it makes their feet look fat or that they sink down into the box – but if you have wide feet, especially with narrow heels, Balance Europeans could be...

B Morph

Bloch’s B Morph pointe shoe is designed for advanced students and dance professionals. It has a virtually unbreakable plastic insole, and Bloch’s fabulous thermal paste.  Breaking-in is as simple as softening the box with a hairdryer, and walking around the...

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