Category: for Egyptian Feet


Capezio’s Bella pointe shoe has a tapered box and a 3/4 shank.    It’s designed for medium to wide Egyptian or Greek feet.  The drawstrings are elasticated.  The medium vamp is 1/4 inch shorter than the Glisse.  


Capezio’s Pavlowa pointe shoe has a long vamp by Capezio standards, and a longer heel.   The V-shaped throat offers extra support for the metatarsals, though I wouldn’t recommend them if you have bunions. These are great shoes if you have...


The Studio has the strongest box and hardest shank of any Capezio shoe.  It’s designed to be quieter and last longer than other Capezio models. It has an elasticised binding and drawstring, tapered box and high wings.  


Tiffany was Capezio’s replacement for their old Odette pointe shoe, but has been updated again since then with a medium vamp instead of the original low vamp. It’s built on a new last so it’s not easily compared to other...


Everybody loves Grishko’s 2007 pointe shoes! Grishko claim this shoe is suitable for all kinds of feet, and the range of users certainly seem to support that view.  It is tapered, though, so I doubt dancers with square toes would...


These shoes are very similar to the 2007:  the vamp is the same but the heel is noticeably lower.   The main difference is the broader platform and high, flexible wings. Like the 2007, these shoes will suit a wide variety...


If you like the Grishko 2007 pointe shoe but find it too hard to break in, you’ll love the Grishko Proflex.  They’re made on the same last as the 2007 but are more flexible, thanks to a new kind of...

Pro Quiet 2007

The Grishko Pro Quiet was designed specifically for professional dancers and is, as the name suggests, specially designed to be quiet.  All I can say is, it works!  But just because it has “2007” after the name, don’t expect it...


Grishko’s Vaganova pointe shoe is 100% hand-made (no machine stitching). Especially suitable for narrow feet with high, flexible arches. The V-shaped high vamp is supportive for long toes.  No drawstring.  

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