Category: Sansha

Capulet / Sansha Juliet

Capulet’s pointe shoe, the Juliet, comes in several versions – but its flagship is the revolutionary D3o.  It’s made with an amazing synthetic lining which makes the shoes soft and flexible, yet extremely shock absorbing, supportive and durable. The “intelligent”...


The Sansha Etudes pointe shoe has a broad, flat toe box, making it ideal for those with low profile feet and short, even toes (Giselle feet).   It features Sansha’s replaceable shank and “Whisper” quiet toe.

Recital II

The Sansha Recital has a couple of unusual features – a removable shank, and a “Whisper Toe” for quieter pointe work. They come with elastic and ribbons already attached, although many people find it’s sewn in the wrong place. Best...

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