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Me.Me is an exciting new British brand – but while they may be new to the ballet world, their team isn’t!  In fact, they’re a group of ex-Gamba pointe shoe makers who decided to strike out on their own after...

merlet pointe shoes


Merlet is a well-known brand of pointe shoes in France.  The models sold by Merlet USA were designed for that market and are not the same as the models sold in France. Unfortunately, I don’t have a distributor for Merlet...

principal pointe shoes


PRINCIPAL by Chan Hon Goh® is a Canadian brand of dance shoes and accessories, including a range of pointe shoes. They offer four styles: Princess Pointe  – low vamp, square box, for beginning students Diamond Pointe – high vamp, somewhat...


Rumpf is a well-known German shoe manufacturer which offers two pointe shoe models, the Maria and the Anna.

Só Dança

Só Dança is a Brazilian dancewear company.  It initially came to my notice because of its takeover of the Cecilia Kerche range, which they still supply – but they also have good quality pointe shoes of their own. Unfortunately they...


Suffolk is a fairly new English pointe shoe company, only founded in 2000. The founder, Mark Suffolk, had previously made and fitted pointe shoes for Freeds for 20 years – and all that experience and skill has gone into the...


Teplov is a South African shoe company founded by Georges Telitsky and Diana Cawley of the Cape Town Ballet Co (formerly CAPAB). They make both dance shoes and fashion shoes.

wear moi pointe shoes

Wear Moi

Wear Moi has been making ballet wear for  long time, but has only recently produced a pointe shoe, simply called “La Pointe”.  I haven’t tried it, but Wear Moi was kind enough to give me a detailed explanation of its features and...

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