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freed classic pointe shoes


Freed’s Classic shoe is their original pointe shoe, beloved by ballet dancers worldwide. Freeds are still made in the traditional way, with all-natural components and their own unique paste.  Their shoes are exceptionally light but that also means they can...

Classic Pro

Freed®’s “Classic Professional” pointe shoe features a pitched platform for optimal placement. Other features include a flexible demi-pointe, elastic drawstring, and stronger box made from biodegradable material for long life. 3/4 shank. Long vamp, recommended for Grecian feet with a...

Studio II

Studio II

The Studio II is a modified version of the Studio pointe shoe, with all its features except that it’s lighter, with a wider platform.

Studio Professional

Freed’s Studio Professional shoe is designed to be extra supportive and comfortable, to survive the rigorous technical demands of modern professional ballet. It has a specially designed insole with all the advantages of a conventional 3/4 insole, and a shock-absorbing...


Chacott is a Japanese dancewear company and one of the largest in the world – but Chacott pointe shoes are actually made by Freed of London. Their two most popular models are the Coppelia and the Veronese, both best suited...

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