Category: Capezio


The Studio has the strongest box and hardest shank of any Capezio shoe.  It lasts longer than any other Capezio model.  It’s also quieter. It has an elasticised binding and drawstring, tapered box and high wings.  Suits Grecian or Egyptian...

capezio tendu pointe shoe


Capezio describes their Tendu pointe shoe as being “for the broader toe configuration” (i.e the square or Giselle foot).   They are good for wide feet but note the vamp is low, so they’re strictly for short, square toes. Some people...


Tiffany was Capezio’s replacement for their old Odette pointe shoe, but has been updated again since then with a medium vamp instead of the original low vamp. It’s built on a new last so it’s not easily compared to other...

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