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If you have a wide foot, you’ll love Capezio’s Ava.  It comes in several width fittings, but even the “narrow” fitting is noticeably wider than usual.   It’s a very square shoe which Giselle feet should enjoy. The platform is flat,...

Allure (Dream 2007)

Grishko NYC are causing some confusion with their “new” Grishko Allure. In fact, the shoe is not new – it’s the Dream 2007 which has been renamed. I’m glad it has been, because the old name was an odd choice.   Most...



The Prima Soft Silhouette is designed for a medium profile Greek foot.    The deep V-shaped vamp makes this a good shoe for high arches/high insteps as the steeply rising sides help prevent “overflow”. Medium graduated shank.

prima soft royale pointe


Prima Soft’s Royale model has a long vamp with a deep V-shape.  It suits a Giselle foot and is one of the lowest profile shoes around.  Medium graduated shank.

Siberian Swan

Siberian Swan are a fairly new Russian brand of pointe shoes, launched in the US in 2016.  They offer two models, the Pavlova and the Karsavina (which has a wider platform). I have not seen the shoes yet, but they claim...


Russian Pointe’s Muse model has an extra-wide square box, ideal for Giselle feet.  In fact this is a square shoe in general, as the platform is also square with quite sharp edges, which makes rolling up to pointe feel a...


The Sapfir has a pleatless platform.  Dancers with low arches will appreciate the way the flexible shank hugs their arch and allows them to get over the box. This shoe is less tapered at the heel than some Russian models,...


Russian Pointe’s Brava and Rubin models are without doubt their most popular shoes. The Brava’s wide platform make it an obvious choice for Giselle feet, but Russian Pointe claim it can work well for all dancers who have a wider...


The Rubin has been around a long time and for good reason – it’s a lovely shoe for low profile Giselle feet.    Russian Pointe claim they are suitable for wider feet of all types.

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