Category: Shoe Preparation & Care

Too Much Padding?

Rachel says: Hi, so I’m 12 and I’m on my second pair of pointe shoes and I started pointe work about four months ago. When I went back to my fitter for my second pair and she wanted less bulk...

antislide pointe

Anti-Slip Pointe Shoe Ideas

What has worked and not worked in making my dancing daughter’s pointe shoes not slip while dancing. Her regular studio has marley floors – so not much slipping there BUT she also dances at another studio where they have wood floors and rosin and she slips a lot there.

Dirt on Pointe Shoes

Penny asks: I got this spot of dirt on my Suffolk spotlights and soon I have to take my ballet intensive pictures. I’m afraid that it’ll show so any ways to clean it off without really ruining my pointe shoes?...

Strong Feet

Jesinta asks: I have been on pointes for about 5 years now, I had strong feet but now they are stronger and pointe shoes are only lasting around a week or two pushed. They are soft after 15 minutes of...

How to Dye Pointe Shoes

Tegan wrote: I want to dye my pointe shoes to match my new red tutu, but I’m scared!  Will the dye make my pointe shoes go soft?  What kind of dye do I use?  Help! Answer: You do have to...

Jet Glue and Alternatives

Often, the box and platform are the first parts of your pointe shoe to “give”. Applying special glue to the shank and  inside (never outside) of the box will prolong the life of your shoes. Some dancers treat their shoes...

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