Category: Exercises

flexibility photo by Treivilo

Ballet Stretches

Many ballet dancers will be familiar with the scene – dance students congregating on the studio floor before class, with their legs in froggy position or in a side split. Other dancers may be standing with one leg up on...

Ballet Floor Barre Exercises

Barre exercises are the building blocks of ballet. But doing barre at home isn’t recommended by some teachers, because without them watching, it’s too easy for a student to get out of alignment. A floor barre workout is the perfect...

Theraband Foot Exercises for Pointe

I always worry about recommending ballet exercises to do at home, because there’s always a risk you’ll get out of alignment, and do more harm than good.  That’s why most of the pointwork exercises recommended on this site aren’t standard...

Exercises for Pointe – Turnout

Exercises for Pointe – Turnout

Students have said to me – why do I need  turnout exercises to get ready for pointe? Exercises for turnout are vitally important for pointe work.   When you’re standing with your foot on the floor, even in releve, you can...

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