When can I go en pointe?

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  1. Avatar Beth Jenkins says:

    I wanted to ask about dealing with bunions during pointe work. It is only a few months time until I go en pointe and I’m scared I won’t be able to because of my natural bunions. Can I ask your opinion on this? Would it require surgery? I’m 13 years old!

    Thanks! Beth x

    • Avatar Marisa says:

      Surgery is often used to correct bunions but as a dancer, you should try to avoid it. Surgery fixes the bunion but reduces your flexibility and you can’t afford that. You need wingless pointe shoes that fit well. Always tape your bunions before dancing (see the video in this post https://pointeshoesonline.com/bunions/).

  2. Avatar Julia says:

    I guess I have an Egyptian foot! Last questions (I promise!):

    1)My arobesque is about 125-130 degrees without even trying. Is this normal?

    2)What does it feel like to be on full pointe?

    • Avatar Marisa says:

      It sounds like you’re naturally flexible. That’s great but it can mean you have some hidden weaknesses – never stretch before class, and be especially careful to do exercises with perfect form, to guard against injury.

      What does it feel like to be on full pointe? That’s hard for me to say, because I just got up on my toes on my first pointe shoes and started dancing – I only used lambswool, no padding, and I never got bleeding toes or blisters. I think I was just lucky with the shape of my feet and choice of shoes. When I got up on pointe I felt I’d been given an extra freedom, because it felt like I could fly across the floor without hardly touching it.

      Most dancers don’t find pointe such a pleasure!

  3. Avatar Julia says:

    Oh OK! What are the pointe shoes that you think I should get. My second toe is almost as long as my first one but not quite. I have medium-wide feet and super high arches.

    Sorry I keep bothering you! You just seem to know everything about pointe shoes. 😉

    • Avatar Marisa says:

      It’s very hard to say what shoes would suit you, without seeing your feet. As it’s your very first pair, it’s really important that you go to a shop with a good pointe shoe fitter and get fitted professionally.

      The first thing to work out is what foot shape you are – that will narrow down which shoes might work for you. Have you read this post?

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