Best Shoes for Strong “Shallow” Egyptian Toes?

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  1. Avatar Ballet Dancer says:

    Thank you. I’ll do that.

  2. Avatar Ballet Dancer says:

    Sadly there is not much fitting going on in our local store. They present you with the shoes they stock and you choose the one that feels most comfortable. And as they usually stock their shoes only in medium widths, the ones with square boxes always feel more comfortable on my wide forefoot than the ones with tapered boxes.

    The tops of my toes don’t form a straight line, rather a rounded line (but none of them are the same length). The top of my little toe is not quite level with the bottom of my big toe. It is a tiny bit higher. So I guess my feet aren’t classically Egyptian.

    Might give the Grishko 2007 a try. Thank you for your help!

    • Avatar Marisa says:

      Oh boy, now a lot of things are making sense! I think you really need to go back to the beginning and get a personal fitting from scratch. I don’t do online fittings, so I suggest you ask Ms DeVor for one. You can do that by filling in this form:

      Do read the instructions – notice you need to join the BalletTalk forums and make a post first, before you send in the form:

      It actually sounds like you do have a fairly classic Egyptian foot, but it’s unusual because most Egyptian feet are narrow to mid-width. Good luck with it!

  3. Avatar Marisa says:

    An Egyptian foot should, theoretically, be better with a slightly tapered toe. However, the classic Egyptian shape has a long big toe, then the rest of the toes taper sharply away – sometimes the top of the little toe is level with the bottom of the big toe.

    I’m guessing your feet aren’t like that – you’ve probably got a long big toe, but your other toes don’t taper that much. Otherwise, I doubt fitters would have put you in all those square-boxed shoes!

    If you want to try a tapered shoe, look at the Grishko 2007 – but do ask your teacher whether a 3/4 shank is OK for you first, not all teachers will allow their students to wear them.

  4. Avatar Ballet Dancer says:

    Thank you for your answer! The “fit package” is a great idea, I will definitely try that out! Do you think a tapered shoe in a wide width might also be a solution to my big-toe-problem? When I look at my feet I can’t really imagine them in a tapered shoe, but maybe if the box was rather wide…?

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