Author: Marisa


If you have a wide foot, you’ll love Capezio’s Ava.  It comes in several width fittings, but even the “narrow” fitting is noticeably wider than usual.   It’s a very square shoe which Giselle feet should enjoy. The platform is flat,...

Allure (Dream 2007)

Grishko NYC are causing some confusion with their “new” Grishko Allure. In fact, the shoe is not new – it’s the Dream 2007 which has been renamed. I’m glad it has been, because the old name was an odd choice.   Most...

Instructional DVD’s for Male Dancers

DVD’s designed specially for the male ballet dancer are rare. I’ve managed to track down the few that exist! Read on to discover them and why they’re important. If you are a ballet student wanting to do home study, there’s...

Books for Men in Dance

While ballerinas and other female dancers take centre stage, male dancers are often neglected. This article offers a list of recommended books for the male dancer’s library, to help redress that balance! Ballet Apparel for Men: A Complete Beginner’s Guide...

Am I Too Old to Start Ballet?

Kylie asks: What age is too old to start ballet? My answer: First of all, let’s be clear what you’re asking.  If you want to take up dancing as a hobby, you’re never too old!  I’ve known people who’ve started...

Am I Too Old to Start Pointe Work?

I get lots of students asking if they’re old enough to start pointe work,, but this is the first time someone has asked me if they’re too old! In my view, age is just a number – I’ve seen students...



The Prima Soft Silhouette is designed for a medium profile Greek foot.    The deep V-shaped vamp makes this a good shoe for high arches/high insteps as the steeply rising sides help prevent “overflow”. Medium graduated shank.

prima soft royale pointe


Prima Soft’s Royale model has a long vamp with a deep V-shape.  It suits a Giselle foot and is one of the lowest profile shoes around.  Medium graduated shank.

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