Grishko DreamPointe – 1737 Dream

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  1. d says:

    Not sure why you say, “Note: Grishko also sells a shoe called Dream 2007 (also called Allure), which is a conventional paste shoe, and it’s a completely different shape, so be careful when ordering that you have the right shoe.” Is that outdated info? As of November 2019, The Dream Pointe 2007 (ALLURE) is not a conventional paste shoe! The ALLURE has Grishko model number is 0527/1 (or as Discount Dance calls it’s newly stocked, rebranded as Nicolay, “Dream Pointe 2007 Pre-Arched”: 05271N, N for Nicolay.) This shoe is NOT CONVENTIONAL PASTE SHOE — it only has a paste box, but thermoplastic shank and platform. The only difference I see between Dream Pointe, (model 0530 on or 0527 on, and Dream Pointe 2007 (model 0527/1 on grishko page and 05271N on discount dance page) is that DREAM POINTE 2007 IS PRE-ARCHED!

    • Marisa says:

      The naming of the Grishko DreamPointe is complicated by the fact that it was, at one time, different in the US and Europe. It did cause a lot of confusion early on. It is some time since I updated this product so I appreciate you bringing this to my attention and I will certainly follow up on it.

  2. Hanna B. says:

    Hi there– I recently bought a pair of Grishkos that I’m really enjoying. However, I can’t seem to find any information about them! According to the box, they are called Grishko Allure. I searched for them on Grishko’s website, but nothing came up. They are new pointe shoes that I bought from a ballet store. I’ve heard rumors that the shoe was re-named Allure after being previously the 2007 Pro, but I can’t figure out anything more than this. Do you know? Thank you!!

    • Marisa says:

      Hi and thanks for reminding me to update the site for this new shoe! Grishko is making it very difficult to keep track of all their new shoes. The Grishko Allure is not the same as the 2007 Pro.

      When Grishko brought out its Dream range, it called one of them the Dream 2007. Why it did that, I don’t know, because the Dream 2007 is nothing like the ordinary 2007. Not the same last, not the same shape, nothing. They’ve finally realised it was causing confusion, so they’ve renamed the Dream 2007 as the Allure.

  3. Carisa R. Murillo says:

    Looking for 1737 “Dream” Pointe Shoes.
    Size 8 w5 shank m-h

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