Grishko is a genuine Russian pointe shoe maker.

2007 - Grishko's best selling pointe shoe.  Ideally suited to low profile Grecian or Egyptian foot, but popular with many other dancers.   Long vamp.

Elite - Grishko's original shoes for wide, square Giselle feet with short toes (but the Triumph may be even better!).  Low vamp.

Fouette - Grishko claims this quiet, flexible shoe will suit any type of foot.

Maya - a lighter weight, non-squeaky version of the Ulanova I

Miracle - super lightweight, whisper quiet, heat-molded pointe shoeIdeal for Grecian feet, low profile, medium vamp - but built on the 2007 last, so may suit other feet too.

Proflex - Made on the same last as the 2007 but more flexible and easier to break in

Pro Quiet - Though this is based on the 2007 shoe, the extra silencing features - which make this shoe whisper quiet - noticeably affect the fit, so it suits narrower feet than the 2007.

Triumph - Grishko's second pointe shoe for wide, square (Giselle) feet with short toes.    Low profile, medium vamp.

Ulanova I - the Ulanova I and II are different pointe shoes.   The  Ulanova I is a medium-profile, medium-vamp shoe best for Grecian feet.  Ulanova II is noticeably more tapered.

Ulanova II - this shoe is difficult to find!

Vaganova - a high vamp, hand-made tapered shoe, highly recommended for Egyptian feet.  Medium profile, long vamp.

About Grishko pointe shoes

Grishko is a relative newcomer to pointe shoe manufacturing, but have quickly gained an excellent reputation for their shoes, which are made at their Moscow factory.

The shoes are well-designed, which is not surprising since the company was started by the scientist husband of a Russian ballet dancer.

Svetlana Zakharova is just one of many Russian ballerinas who dance in Grishko pointe shoes: